J and J Golf utilizes Trackman 4 as well as True Golf E6 Software. Trackman provides over 40 parameters of your swing as well as up to 6 camers angles. You will receive a file with your Swing speed, Carry Yardage, Total, Spin Rate, Dispersion from target line and much more.  Trackman also shows you the optimum yardage with each club which tells you what your yardage should be based on your swing speed. We then determine what part is your swing and what part is the golf club. At this point we can tell you what if anything needs to be changed with your equipment. 



 Josh offers multiple single and multi day clinics and seminars. From beginner to professional Josh can supply the technology as well as his exceptional knowledge to improve any level of golfer. Josh also does what we call "Custom Clinics" which your group decides the lesson plan for Josh to tailor to your group. This is a very popular session with J and J Golf. Adult beverages and appetizers are provided for these multi person events. Contact Josh Musselman for complete details and pricing.  



 J and J Golf Instructions offers club fitting as well as a full line of custom club repair building and alteration services. Custom Built Clubs, Re Gripping, Re Shafting, Frequency Matching, Loft/Lie Full Set, Putter Loft Lie, Wedge Stamping, Wedge Grinding, Add Swing Weight, Lengthen/Shorten Clubs, Fix Club Rattle,  Hot Melt and Much More.  All services done personally by Josh Musselman.  

Lesson Pricing

Your on your way to better golf!